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Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution
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Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution is an advanced hydration rehydration drink specially formulated with the optimal balance of sugar and electrolytes to h...

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by Philli
LOVE, LOVE LOVE Enfamil Neuro Pro!

This is the best brand out there! I've tried other brands with my older daughter, but switched back to Enfamil and now, with my youngest one, I am sticking to Enfamil's Neuro Pro. Its the best! Perfect for my baby girl, no digestion problems, no fussy baby!

Convenient, baby loves it

I dont know why my baby loves this so much because it has the same amount of sugar as the powder. Its hilarious to see how he behaves when I attempt to give him the powdered form instead. He fussed the entire time while drinking the powdered form, but did not utter a sound, except for pleasure when I interrupted his powdered drink and gave him this one. Hes been getting this liquid form since the hospital and Ive been trying to change to the powdered form due to price and to avoid carrageenan that is present in liquid version. It appears that for babys comfort and happiness, I might have to stick to these. I breast feed and supplement with formula.

Great product

Great for GFLF diet

Value for the Money

This is the cheapest I have found this formula as it costs about 13 per bottle in any pharmacy where I live. Reliable shipping. The formula itself seems to be working fine for my little one despite her still having some issues with gas which I believe may be related to the type of bottle we are using at the moment.