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Familiar face

These boots have a familial appearance in an industrial setting. Love the composite toe and waterproof membrane in my work environment

by JJ
Extremely comfortable boot.

I work 10 hours a day in construction and these are by far the most comfortable boots I've worn in a long time. Composite toe does not get cold in the winter like steel does. Foot stays dry in the rain, but don't expect to submerge them like boots with waterproof liners.

My favorite Rocky boots yet!

Since I discovered that Rocky Boots are the only ones that fit my wide toes, I've gone through 5 pair. First two were mobilites, then a pair of Long Range, a pair of Iron Clads and most recently a pair of Haulers. (I also have a pair of Arktos for winter, but that's a whole nother story). The Haulers barely made it through a year, and I would caution anyone who works for a living to stay away from those. So this time around, I had to choose to go with the tried and true Iron Clads (they don't make the Long Range anymore, which is too bad, those were my favorite up until now) and the new and untested Mobiwelts. My wife, who knows nothing about boots, said she liked the way they looked and convinced me to take a chance on the new boots. I've had my Mobiwelts for about a month now, and I couldn't be happier. They took a few days of hard work to break in, but now I don't plan on buying anything else as long as they keep making these. They're comfortable, have reinforcement where I ALWAYS blow through boots first (on the toe) and I like the way they look more than any boots I've had in the past (even though looks are at the bottom of my list). Thanks for coming up with these boots Rocky, me and my feet appreciate it!

Good brush

Good functional brush that has two diameters for cleaning tubes/hoses.

Perfect for premix.

This is perfect for measuring 2-stroke oil to mix in the 2-gallon gas can. Being tall and narrow makes it easier to be accurate. Excellent!