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TV-B-Gone Pro SHP (Super High Power)
5 /5

The TV-B-Gone Pro SHP (Super High Power) is a marvel to behold!. TV-B-Gone Pro SHP is a tool for the true TV-B-Gone professional, a model citizen that...

Mohu Curve 30 TV Antenna MH-110566
4 /5

Crisp, clear picture in full 1080p The Curve's modern design is unlike any other HDTV antenna. Meet the Mohu Curve 30 Mohu was the first to re-think h...

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by MR.G.
Funky looking little thingy that actually works! :D

PROS:- Fits into any modern room or environment, because it doesn't look like a typical antenna.- Works very well, actually better than multiple Leaf-Antennas I've had in the past.CONS:- It came in an ugly box and the worst ever packaging!- It was dirty and filthy, because wasn't put in a plastic bag!- Cable could be a bit longer.When I opened it up, I was irritated by the dumbest packaging solution ever! I had to drag it out of its wrap-around paper lining, or whatever that was supposed to be. No plastic bag to protect it from scratches and dirt, so it looked pretty messy! But when I hooked it up and did my first scan, it picked up 30 channels very nicely. In my area that is a very good result. So, even though the packaging is the worst ever, where it counts, this antenna delivers, so I have to give it a fair 4-Star rating!

by Heather

My husband installed this and it was pretty easy. He installed a different one on another TV we have but said this one was a lot easier! It does not come out/off the wall or swivel but its perfect for a bedroom to watch in bed or just a stationary area. It is very sturdy as well and fits on the tv great. What was really great is that it came with everything that he needed to install it!

by Brian M
Sturdy outdoor TV mount

I bought this because it is a fully articulating mount designed for outdoor use. This one costs a bit more than indoor-only mounts, but it should last longer since it is all galvanized and stainless steel. It's powder coated black and has a low 2 profile. It was fairly easy to install, but I had to cut down the lower bracket that attaches to the TV. I mounted a 43, which is on the smaller side of it's range and the bracket blocked the power and input jacks in it's original configuration. I took care of that with a hacksaw and am now enjoying our new wall-mounted patio TV!

by Greg

1: It's worked like a charm.2: Brings me joy.Waiting for a big sports event to use this at a sports bar. So far I've mainly hit big box stores,restaurants and some hospital waiting rooms.Got a local yogurt shop that has like 7 TV's and I'm able to hit all of them in one shot. The kids start complaining right away and the staff are scrambling to figure out what just happened.

Worth your money but, theres still a flaw.

I want to start off by saying that this product is indeed worth your money but, for the overall best picture quality its still best on a CRT-tv. For some reason with composite connections you cant get a fully sharp and crisp image on an HDTV. So the best thing about this as that connecting it this way your entire display fits within the frame, meaning there is no cut off. Youll see what I mean in my images. The 3 game images are on an HDTV, a gaming monitor, and a CRT tv without this product. If you look at the bottom of each game photo youll see that on the CRT-tv the display is cut off. Other pictures included are of the unit itself, the usb power cord it comes with, and what type of is USB it is. Also if youre a streaming or want to capture gameplay this is the best thing to use. Hoped this helped and answered any questions you may have.