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Love this Crowing Rooster

Good quality weather vane, and absolutely in love with this Cockadoodle Dooing Rooster!

This was very nice. Only problem I had was I lack the strength to pull it back out of the bottle. Thus I will not be able to use the two I purchased.

by Sarah
Beautiful rug!

I had a question about the color of the rug, and the manufacturer answered that it was a mint green. I'm not sure I would call it that. To me, more of a deep sea-foam green. Really, very similar to what is depicted on the screen. It is beautiful! Very plush. I'm using is under my dining table--really adds a nice pop of color.

by Jana
Lawn Sign

Very nice..great quality, excellent service!

by Bob
Bob's address plaque

The sign was everything I expected after viewing the display in the store.