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Yeowww! Catnip Toy
4 /5

Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana. Is your cat top banana This toy is 7 inches of YEOWWW! Catnip bliss. Cats love the curve and the size makes it perfect for ...

Hartz Lickable Wet Cat Treats
4 /5

Squeeze up some fun with Delectables Squeeze Up interactive wet cat treats, taking treat time to a whole new level (or, giving treat time a whole new ...

FYNIGO Cat Interactive Toys Wand
5 /5

In The Package: 1 x Cat Teaser Wand 1 x Sisal Mouse. *ABOUT FYNIGO*. FYNIGO is a brand which specializes in cat toys. Our team members also have cats,...

World's Best Cat Litter
3 /5

The messiest job in cat care just got easier, with Clumping Formula, the flushable* cat litter with outstanding odor control and tight clumping abilit...

Hartz Lickable Wet Cat Treats
5 /5

Searching for a treat your favorite feline cant resist Look no further. Delectable is the first gourmet lockable treat to combine tender, real chicken...

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by MassRes
So far best litter with forever tray

This is the best litter we have found with the forever litter tray. It works best with the auto cat box. Almost instantly it clumps and is scoopable. It does stick a little to the plastic tray but nothing like other cat litter. It comes up super easy. We have 3 cats, one over 9lbs who is the male and 2 under 9 which are females. We have three little boxes and all three use this litter. We subscribe and save with 2 boxes a month and with 3 cats it gets us through. A bit on the expensive side but worth the no hassle of cleaning it. The odor or smell isn't overwhelming to bother my asthma. Very little to no dust when pouring it out. Love this stuff!

Cat's absolutely love these treats.

I concur with the majority view of this product. I have four cats, am the food provider for an additional four semi-feralcats and without exception they all love these treats, in all the flavors offered. The only downside, if it is a downside,is that they will no longer accept the other treats, previously eaten. The upside is that ordering cat treats is noweasy, Friskies it is all the way. Five stars for the cats preferences.

favorite time of day

due to having fostered over 50 kittens in the past five years, I have accumulated 6 cats. they love treat time which we have at bed time every night. these are their favorites. I have one who goes nutso and does tricks, one who is learning and they all have to stay in their lanes to get their treats. its kind of fun for all of us. and I don't worry about that these will hurt them or anything.

Good Taste Pet Accepts Brushing

Taste is VERY IMPORTANT so that pet looks forward to and accepts brushing. I am a veterinarian who only does dentistry and this product is a winner.

by Morrine
Cats think it is Maui Wowie

My cats, both indoor and outdoor, LOVE this catnip. It really does pack a punch so I have been using a little bit smaller amount for a really good reaction.Just received my second order. Just in time as my cats actually beg for it and I was running low!