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Outdoor Edge Sharpener
4 /5

4" x 1 3/4".. Black composition construction with oval orange grip tab. Rotating X-Base for safe stable use. Features carbide (coarse) and ceramic (fi...

Philadelphia Eagles Heritage Banner
5 /5

Looking for a new way to show some team spirit Put your Philadelphia Eagles fandom on full display with this premium-grade 8" x 32" Premium Heritage B...

Mueller Hg80 Ankle Brace with Straps
5 /5

Lightweight and extremely soft to the touch, the neoprene-free Hg80 moisture wicking high performance fabric stays cool and dry so you can go all out....

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Best kayaks I've used

Got two of these as a gift and we weren't sure how much we'd like them vs 10 and 12' kayaks but they have been GREAT! First off, we could actually fit two of them in our van which was useful since we had nowhere else to put them for a few days until we made space in the house. We could even fit them in our CR-V but there was less room and that was less comfortable. They are so light, I could lift each one by myself but usually we'd use the handles and carry them normally. The weight made them easy to launch without help too. There wasn't a pad in these kayaks which seemed disappointing at first but it's actually pretty comfy without it, like an Amish rocking chair. The best parts about these kayaks are the foot rests and how fast they are. OK, so the footrests, best design out there. Why doesn't every kayak do this I absolutely HATE the adjustable foot rests because 1) I always have to change them after someone else has used the kayak (and it's never easy to reach in and adjust) and 2) Over time those manual sliders get sand and junk in them and either break or are just a pain in the rear to work with. The rests on these kayaks are just there. You pick where you want your feet. If you're tall or short, it's nice to have options instead of being stuck in one spot. Can't say much for the wave breaking action they talk about since we were out on a calm lake but it looks cool. Oh yeah, the speed of these things. You really fly when you get moving. Like I said, we're used to larger kayaks so we didn't think these would be as stable and flop around. They do have a bit more roll and yaw to them but it doesn't take long to get used to and you can really move them quick in all directions. Oh and I liked the ditty tray. I only ever have a snack, drink and phone so it was perfect for keeping that stuff right there. One other thing I just remembered was how awesome these things are to drain. You'll always get some water in the cockpit from paddling or if you're in and out of the water. I've yet to find a kayak that was easy to drain. Again, why does no one else use this design It's just a plug at the absolute tip of the kayak. Just tip it up and let the water drain out. Why is that so hard for companies to get These guys clearly got it. These kayaks are solid and while we didn't pay for them ourselves, they are definitely worth every penny. Thanks, EMSCO for putting out such a great kayak.

Love me some cowboys and this was a great deal to buy

Love me some cowboys and this was a great deal to buy

by Ckdub
Buy online

I love this bike and since I ordered it online and had it delivered to the store it was brand new and still in the box. The ones in the store were disgustingly dirty.

by LAL
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