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by Ann L.
Not so great

I've used these binders for some time and generally am happy with the quality compared with the price. This last batch however, once I filed documents that filled the binder, the rings would not stay closed. In other words, if I open the binder and try to go to a specific area that is indexed with an index tab, I move all the papers to once side to open to this location and the rings open. It is happening systematically which is quite frustrating. I use these binders as a filing system so I access the contents frequently.

by Babsro
Good Binder

Sturdy ring binder that is easy to open and insert pages. Good value for the money.

by Anna
Great product

Very sturdy product to use.

by gnix79

Very durable, rings open easily and smoothly, love the variety of colors to choose from, perfect in every way!!

by mj29
Got what I wanted!

Just what I needed for a 12 page booklet made from my PC, printed on letter size paper. This has 12 insert pages, and cover holds inserts too. Good Avery quality.